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Every WIST resident is a member of a community of solidarity and must make his or her contribution to that community. This means:

  1. The same rights and obligations apply for all residents, irrespective of their origin, religion or gender. Every resident must make serious efforts to ensure a good coexistence in the residential communities and in the student residence.

This means in particular that

he or she integrates as well as possible into the community, participates in the cleaning rota of the apartment, irrespective of gender and origin, and makes an active contribution to ensuring that students do not live alongside one another but instead that they live with one another.

respect and consideration are shown to fellow residents, particularly in the double rooms.

only German or English is spoken in the communal rooms such as kitchen or entrance hall for reasons of mutual understanding and respect.

problems in the apartments are first addressed directly with those affected and solutions are sought together before the administration becomes involved.

there are no personal attacks or insults.

all hygiene standards applicable in Austria must be complied with.

that out of consideration towards subsequent generations the inventory of the WIST is treated extremely gently and carefully and there is conscious saving of electricity and heating to conserve resources and minimise costs.

the residence committee which acts as a fundamental link between the administration and residents is supported wherever possible and every resident is informed about the different units of the residence committee and can thus actively participate in the life of the student residence.

  1. The residents must behave in a respectful and correct manner towards the administrative staff and those of the building technology department at all times.

This means in particular that

the resident over the age of 18 is the contractual partner. That is why communication takes place primarily with the adult resident and not with his or her parents or guardians.

discussions are conducted in an objective and polite manner and free of any verbal attacks at all times.

deadlines specified by the administration must be complied with at all times unless there is a valid excuse.

the rules as set out in the residence’s regulations are complied with by all without exception.

The administrative staff and those of the building technology department of the WIST will treat all residents equally, irrespective of their gender, religion or origin.